• Korean War

Korean War


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Air War Over the 38th Parallel: The Aircraft - The People - The Valour.

North Korea's invasion of South Korea in 1950 was the start of a three-year-long war that saw the North, backed by Russia and China, battling American and United Nations forces in the skies over the 38th Parallel.  This is the story of those brave airmen, told through a series of remarkable interviews and historical analysis




Helicopter Angels 

The Korean War saw useable helicopters enter the battlefield for the first time 


The Superfortress Arrives 

When it came to heavy bombing against North Korean targets, the World War Two-era B-29 was the best the USAF could muster 


Corsairs and Night Fighting Tigercats 

The US Marine Corps’ carrier-borne fleet of fighter and attack aircraft joined the fray in August 1950 and were immediately put into action 


Meteor Bail Out 

After being shot down by a MiG-15, RAAF Gloster Meteor pilot Warrant Officer Ron Guthrie’s war would be long and painful. He tells his arduous story  


The Bridges at Toko-Ri 

The famous film The Bridges at Toko-Ri was based on an actual raid conducted by US Navy aircraft during the Korean War.   Capt Paul N Gray, who planned and led it in December 1951, tells the real story 


Ocean & Glory 

The Fleet Air Arm’s Hawker Sea Fury and Fairey Firefly fleets saw extensive service in Korea.  They achieved notable successes and suffered tragic losses alike 


Brits over MiG Alley 

Towards the end of the war a small cadre of RAF pilots began flying Sabres with the USAF - this is their story 


Counting the Cost 

The Korean War turned out to be much longer and far bloodier than anyone anticipated.  In addition to those lost or injured, large numbers of POWs ‘disappeared’, presumed to have been shipped to the USSR.  We investigate the story of those who didn't come home 

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