Painting Guide Vol. 1, Mr Black


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PAINTING GUIDE VOL. 1: Scale Model Handbook - Miniature Modelling Techniques.


4 Chapter I - Preparation and Assembly

6 Chapter II - How to Paint with Water Based Acrylics

  • Brief History
  • Beginners’ Start Up!
  • 10 Mistakes to Avoid when Painting with Acrylics
  • The Light Source is Important
  • The Planar System (Design)

 12 Chapter III - “Painting by Numbers”, a Step-By-Step Guide to Painting a German Panzer Commander (LM-BS001) in 1/10 Scale

  • Flesh Tone Painting System
  • Painting Hair & Eyebrows
  • Painting the Eyes
  • Painting the Cap
  • Painting the Parka, Shirt & Sweater
  • Painting the White Inner Lining of the Parka
  • Painting the Iron Cross, Ribbon & Binocular Straps

 32 Chapter IV - Painted Colour Chips of the Equivalents for Vallejo Model Color and Jo Sonja’s Basic Hues

  • Model Color Series by Vallejo
  • Artists’ Series Tube Acrylics by Jo Sonja’s
  • Equivalents of Vallejo Model Color & Jo Sonja’s Acrylics
  • Figure Acrylics Series by Ak-Interactive
  • Lifecolor Acrylic Paints by Astromodel S.A.S (Base Color Series & Federal Standard Series)
  • Scalecolor & Warfront Series by Scale 75
  • Scalecolor Artist Series by Scale75
  • Kimera Kolors by Kimera & Pegaso Models
  • Andrea Color by Andrea Miniatures

40 Table for Basic Colour Hues for Flesh

41 Table for Painting Mixes for Flesh

42 Table for Basic Colour Hues for Eyes & Uniform

44 Tables for Painting Mixes for Cap (Black Colour), Parka, Shirt & Sweater

45 Table for Painting Mixes for the White Inner Lining of the Parka

46 Chapter V - Appendix

  • Relevant Colour Sets for Flesh and How to Use Them


  • Σχήμα A4 
  • Σελ. 52
  • Matt Laminated Cover
  • Binding
  • ISSN 2654-2404

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