• US Navy & Marine Corps - Air Power Yearbook 2015

US Navy & Marine Corps - Air Power Yearbook 2015


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US NAVY & MARINE CORPS - AIR POWER YEARBOOK 2015: Aircraft - Personnel - Squadrons - Missions - Programs

Produced by the Combat Aircraft team; the US Navy and Marine Corps Air Power Yearbook is the ultimate guide to these two powerful air arms. Introduced by two senior officers, packed with features on latest aircraft capabilities, famous squadrons and the personnel that fly and maintain the various types, plus a detailed unit and aircraft air power review. This 100-page publication is a must-have for any US Navy or Marine Corps aviation fans.


  • UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS IN 2015 : Interview with Lt Gen Jon Davis
    The Marine Corps may be the smallest of the US military services, but its air component is admired around the world. James Deboer talks with Lt Gen Jon Davis, the US Marine Corps air chief.
    Jamie Hunter looks ahead to a milestone for 2015: the maiden flight of the Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion, which is set to revolutionize Marine battlefield heavy-lift.
    As the Marine Corps looks towards the F-35 it must maintain a credible strike fighter force. The ‘classic’ Hornets may be aging, but they still have at least 15 years’ more service ahead, as Jamie Hunter discovers.
    Brad Elward discusses whether the US Navy needs to get more EA-18G Growlers, or whether it will be the last manned fighter the Navy buys to operate from its carrier decks.
    Last year, the Navy Fighter Weapons School — better known as TOPGUN — celebrated its 45th anniversary. Brad Elward heads to NAS Fallon to look at the school that is the benchmark against which all naval air combat training is measured.

'Εκδοση: Key Publishing

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