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Welcome to the Discount Hobby Zone website!

Discount Hobby Zone was created to provide quality, low cost solutions to the needs of both the modelling public and to all those more widely interested in defence technology and military history.

As I myself am a modeller, an aviation enthusiast and fan of military history, I decided to embark upon this venture motivated by my own pursuits. On the way I discovered the presence of a huge gap, especially in the Greek market, and so I decided to offer my services to the wider public.

In its first stages, Discount Hobby Zone offers its groundbreaking, for the Greek market, services in the following fields:


Discount Hobby Zone has amassed a significant collection of used books and magazines, to which new titles are continuously added. Most of these books and magazines are out of print or hard to find editions. The majority is in very good or excellent condition and is available at prices much lower than those asked for until today.

At the same time Discount Hobby Zone pays cash to buy the books and magazines you no longer need. You can now make the best of all those books and magazines you no longer really need, and which are just taking up space and earn some cash at the same time.


The "ART for ACTION!" collection comprises paintings and artwork inspired by military aviation (mainly the Hellenic Air Force) and military history and also car racing. It is aimed at aviation and military history fans as well as motor racing enthusiasts.


Discount Hobby Zone hopes to be of use as a constant and reliable source of information, learning and communication, by hosting sections containing photographs and interesting information, on the subjects that interest us.

However, we do not plan to confine ourselves to what we have already prepared for you! You can look forward to new surprises and services. Thank you very much for visiting and we hope that you found your visit to the Discount Hobby Zone interesting!


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