Used Book Condition


We check the condition of each used book which is added to our catalogue and we place it into one of the following categories. When required we provide a more detailed description of its condition.


"FINE": These are books that have been used very little and carefully by the first owner, or not used at all. The book's pages are definitely in perfect condition. The cover is also in excellent condition, or may have some minor wear of the sort often seen even on new books, such as a barely noticeable scuff or bumped corner. Such a book is perfectly suitable to be offered as a present. 

"VERY GOOD": The cover has more visible signs of wear usually in the form of light bumps (more often on the corners), rubs on the edges or shallow scratches. There may also be some limited fading, crumpling or tear on the dust jacket or to the cover itself. The binding is tight and the book's inner pages are in perfect condition. 

"GOOD": Books with strong signs of use or age on their cover. The book's pages are clean and tight, or in the worst case show minor wear that is not particularly noticeable. Many of the books in this category, and in the following ones, are over 30 years old, therefore their condition may to a large extent be considered normal and expected. 

"FAIR": Concerning the cover of the books in this category the same applies as in the previous category. Here the pages are also worn, such as limited crumpling or small tears, or notes written by pen. However the books are complete and may be read completely and comfortably.

"POOR": This category is for books with problems, which will be purchased either because of their very low price, or their rarity. The most common problems encountered are: Torn or stained cover, deformed shape, wear due to damp or detached pages (however all pages are present and complete). Consequently all the information provided by the book is available to the reader. 

"NEW COPY": Every book in our catalogue which is mentioned as ''NEW COPY'' is in excellent condition. When this is not the case, an extra description is provided.

"INCOMPLETE": This describes books which are incomplete (a part of a page, of the cover, or complete pages may be missing) or some pages are stuck together and an attempt to separate them will cause the loss of some of the book's content.


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