Aces High Magazine No 13


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Aces High has become the best reference in scale aircraft modelling. Our famous modeller Daniel Zamarbide is back with this special issue fo- cused on the Gulf War.

The 13th issue of Aces High, with this very special subject, will take us through the conflict with some of the most popular jets used by both sides. Our contributors had again prepared a number of interesting articles, reveal- ing dozens of tips and tricks that will help you to deal with various problems that you may possibly encounter at different stages of your builds.

In issue 13 you can see modern jets with many tricks and step by step photos to inspired by and use on your own models in order to make them much more attractive.


  • F-15 Eagle.
  • The Sepecat Jaguar – SU-22 Fitter
  • GR.1 Tornado
  • Mig 25 Foxbad
  • Lockheed F-117

Description: 80 Pages - ALL TEXTS IN ENGLISH.

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