• Aerei Francesi nella Regia Aeronautica, Ali Straniere in Italia Vol. 5

Aerei Francesi nella Regia Aeronautica, Ali Straniere in Italia Vol. 5


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Ali Straniere in Italia Vol. 5, Aerei Francesi nella Regia Aeronautica

This is a well illustrated and thoroughly documented survey of all the captured French aircraft that saw service in the Italian Air Force during WWII (practically only in 1943). The author, Giancarlo Garello, is the best qualified specialist on this matter (some years ago he had already approached this subject in his book ”Regia Aeronautica e Armèe de l’Air”). The outcome is a very appealing 72-page book in which a great deal of new information is supplied, along with all the Serial Nos. and an extremely interesting photographic documentation (many photos have never been published before). The beautiful colour profiles by Marco Gueli are a great help for modelling purposes. The text is bilingual (Italian and English).

Publisher: La Bancarella Aeronautica

Description: 71 pages, Paperback, Format A4, b/w age photos, 1/72 scale drawings, colour profiles, tables. FULLY BILINGUAL (Italian / english).

Condition: NEW COPY.

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