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The 14th volume of the Topdrawings series is focused on the Arado Ar 196, German shipboard reconnaissance float plane.

The 20 page, A4 size booklet contains 10 sheets of 1:48 scale drawings, 5 sheets of 1:72 scale drawings (which include a specification of external changes in various versions of the aircraft) and colour profiles of 4 planes, all with English and Polish captions. The drawings in 1:32 scale and top & underside views in 1:48 scale are printed on both sides of 2 folded A2 size sheets, which are attached to the publication. The drawings show the panel lines and rivet lines on the airframe.

Also included are 2 decal sheets printed by Cartograf, which contain 1:32 scale individual cockpit instrument dials; 1:48 and 1:72 scale cockpit instrument panels as well as 1:32, 1:48 and 1:72 scale individual markings for the following machines depicted on colour profiles:
- Ar 196 A-2, W.Nr. 0056; coded '6W+IN', crewed by Uffz. Sacritz and Lt. zur See Karl-Ernst Schmidt of 5./BfGr. 196, Aalborg-See, May 1940,
- Ar 196 A-3; 'White 3' of 161st Floatplane Yato (Squadron), Varna, 1943-1944,
- Ar 196 A-2; boarded on the heavy cruiser Admiral Scheer during its combat raid between 27 October 1940 and 1 April 1941,
- Ar 196 A-3, W.Nr. 1006; coded 'SE-AWY', used by A.B. Ahrenbergsflyg, Lindarängen, 1947.
The decals also include Bulgarian national markings for 1 plane and 2 sets of German swastikas in all 3 most popular scales.

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