Bases of the World Volume 1: Kadena Air Base


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Take an insider's look at arguably one of the most strategic US bases anywhere in the world. Kadena AB, on the Japanese island of Okinawa, is home to the largest combat wing in the world, as well as numerous visiting aircraft from branches of the US military. From F-15s, to AV-8B Harriers, and from C-5s to C-130s, and everything in between, this giant base is never quiet.

This book, the first in a series, is 130 pages, filled with stunning air-air and action photography, all printed on glossy paper in beautiful full color. This book is a must-have for anyone's book shelf.

Author: Jake Melampy

Publisher: Reid Air Publications (2015)

ISBN: 978-0-97950-64-8-2

Description: 130 pages, Paperback, 280 X 215 mm, landscape format, 247 colour photos.

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 850 gr.

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