Junkers Ju 87 D/G Vol. I, Kagero


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MONOGRAPHS No 54: JUNKERS Ju 87 D/G Vol. I - 3D Edition. 

This monograph of the most famous dive bomber of World War II focuses on the design and combat operations of the late marks of the Stuka: the Ju 87D dive bomber and strike aircraft and the Ju 87G tank buster. In addition to the detailed description of the design, the book covers combat operations of the Luftwaffe units equipped with the D and G models, as well as the biographies of the most prominent aircrews who flew those aircraft in combat. The text is supplemented by original photographs and 3D drawings showing details of the design.


  • 110 pages
  • Paperback. A4 size
  • painting schemes
  • 110 archive photos
  • 77 renders
  • 4 A4 sheet of scale drawings
  • matt coated paper

Publisher: Kagero Publications (2014)

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 580 gr.

Tags: Ju 87 STUKA

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