• Bruxelles, Duke Hawkins Historic 001

Bruxelles, Duke Hawkins Historic 001


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BRUXELLES, ALBUM D'UNE OCCUPATION 1940-1944 - Brussels during World War II

This photo book is the result of many years of research and collecting photos obtained from different sources. Built up in a different manner than previous publications, this book offers a new view on the Belgian capital during the Second World War.
Over 470 never before published photos, mainly taken by German soldiers residing in or passing through the city, illustrate this difficult period from 1940 to 1944 for the inhabitants of Brussels.

A unique collection of historical images ! From the destruction of the artworks next to the canal in 1940 and the German military parades held in the city to the liberation in September 1944: this extraordinary album shows the unique atmosphere present in the nazi-occupied city of Brussels.
This book is written in English and French.

This book comprises of 264 pages and is printed on quality paper in size 24 x 24 cm, perfect to wander through.

It shows in a unique way the Belgian capital during the preparations of the war, the assault and the entry of the German troops.
Thanks to the many photographs, the reader will experience the every day life during the occupation and this in the different part of the city.

Publisher: H.M.H. Publications

Description: 264 pages, softcover, over 470 photos. English text.

Condition: NEW COPY

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