Greeks in Foreign Cockpits Vol. 3


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GREEKS IN FOREIGN COCKPITS - Volume 3: The Life and the Career of Hellenic Parentage Fighter Pilots in Service with the USN, USAAF, and the RAF, 1940-45.

Almost four years after the publication of the 2nd Volume of their research entitled "GREEKS IN FOREIGN COCKPIT", the authors publish their 3rd Volume, continuing to honor the pilots of Greek origin who flew and fought in all theaters of war during the 2nd WW2 with the Allied Air Forces.

However, for the first time, the authors present to the Greek public both in Greece and in the Diaspora, pilots of Greek origin who operated from the decks of the aircraft carriers of the US Navy. What is also new in this volume is that not only fighter pilots are honored, but also pilots of heavy bombers and dive bombers. Through thorough research, contact with the families of the veterans, personal diaries, and reports from the Groups and Squadrons they flew, the stories of these heroes unfold in the pages of the third volume. In addition, the paintings and color profiles interactively convey the most important events of their career. Names partly known and largely unknown to this day are honored in the birthplace of their families through this edition.

From the Cypriot Panicos Theodosiou who fought in North Africa and Italy, operating together with the Greek Squadrons, the famous Jim Verinis, the first heavy bomber pilot to complete 25 missions over Europe and the co-pilot of Memphis Belle, Paul Bacalis a Japanese Navy ship-killer with radar-equipped B-24s on China front, Christos Mikronis who took part and shot down in his Wildcat during Operation Torch and US Navy almost ace, Sabe Legatos, who excelled with both Grumman fighters to the USS Yorktown reconnaissance pilot with Hellcat F6F-3P, Michael Alexatos, Frank Sarris of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, also flying with Hellcat, the Navy Cross holder Thomas Samaras, for the direct hit he achieved to the battleship Yamato flying the fearsome Helldiver and the almost ace James Sakellariades flying the mighty Corsair, who flew with Samaras from the USS Essex, the authors promise you an exciting experience of a time journey through history, nevertheless the dark side of it. A journey of acquaintance with the heroes we never learned, heroes who brought back the light of freedom in our world.

Authors: D. Vasilopoulos / K. Paloulian / G. Chalkiadopoulos

Publisher: Eagle Aviation (2021)


  • 550 pages, Hardback, A4 size, 709 photos with english captions, 25 colour profiles, 8 digital paintings, 5 oil paintings, mission and kill tables.
  • Greek text, Fully bilingual captions (greek / english).

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 2.9 Kg.

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