• P-51 Mustang, Classic Aircraft No.3, Roy Cross & Gerald Scarborough

P-51 Mustang, Classic Aircraft No.3, Roy Cross & Gerald Scarborough


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CLASSIC AIRCRAFT No.3 - Their History and how to model them: P-51 MUSTANG.

The Merlin-engined P-51 Mustang was one of the most outstanding day fighters of the Second World War. This book gives a detailed development, technical, and service history of the aircraft, together with a definitive appraisal of the P-51D version, the emphasis being on RAF and Commonwealth service. It also provides step-by-step instructions on detailing the huge Airfix 1/24 scale kit of a P-51D, making the book essential reading for all aircraft enthusiasts and plastic modellers. 

Authors:  Roy Cross & Gerald Scarborough in collaboration with Bruce Robertson

Publisher: Patrick Stephens Ltd in association with Airfix Products Ltd (1973)

ISBN: 0850591074

Description: 106 pages, Hardback, 250 X 185 mm, 110 b/w age photos (many close-up photos are included) and 40 Mustang model b/w photos, 20 drawings with extensive captions detailing the aircraft appearance, 25 detailed drawings of P-51 components, 2 multple-view 1/32 scale drawings, diagrams, data tables.

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