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''PRAGA EXPORT TANKETTES'' by Vladimir Francev takes a look at the development of the tankette for export by the industrial concern of CKD. The Praga AH-IV and R-1 series of tankettes proved to be highly popular with a number of nations pre and post World War 2.

Author: Vladimir Francev

Publisher: MBI (2004)

ISBN: 80-86524-08-6


Details of their development and combat usage may be found within the 80 pages of this title. As well as numerous black & white period photographs the book includes 6 pages of colour photography of preserved and working tankettes, including the crew's fighting and driving compartments. The book also contains 6 pages of scale drawings, 1/35th & 1/20th, together with detail drawings of components and features of the tankettes and 4 pages of colour art, (plus the outside rear cover), of such diverse user nations as Iran, Romania and Sweden. The book is rounded off with a 9 page technical description of the Praga Tankettes. The text is fully bi-lingual in Czech and English and is printed on good quality art paper with glossy laminated covers, softback.

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