Masking Tape for Curves 10 mm. 18 Meters Long, AK Interactive


  • Brand: AK Interactive
  • Product Code: AK9185 [20950]
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  • Date added: 26/11/2021

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  • 3.00€

Flexible high-quality masking tape for precision work, making it ideal for airbrushing and designed with a firm sealing edge.

This flexibility allows you to apply curves and rounded shapes, obtaining a uniform result when painting free of unrealistic sharp angles or defects.

This also allows the tape to adapt and conform to complex surfaces.

This tape features a residue free adhesive, ideal for scale models and fine or delicate finishes.

The strength of this tape allows it to be used as a guide to engrave or scribe details in plastic.

This tape can be easily be cut to shape with scissors or hobby knife.

Rolls of 18 meters.

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